WOTY 2024

Join us on May 26th for a special luncheon at L'Ambroisie et L'Espace Canal to honour two special women for their exceptional contribution to the arts and to their communities. Our honorees are Beatrice Deer, from the Beatrice Deer Band, representing the performing arts and Nedia El Khouri representing the visual arts.


Poster of the WOTY Event 2024

The Montreal Council of Women (MCW) is a vibrant, proactive, council of women reflecting the diversity of society, encouraging informed political decision making and public attitudes for the well-being of society, through education, consultation and cooperation. The MCW strives to empower all women to work together towards improving the quality of life for women, families and society through the forum of its membership of autonomous federated societies and individuals.

Acting as a catalyst for its members, MCW advocates improvement of social conditions and responds on issues that Canadians face as citizens. We achieve the MCW objectives by informing and recommending to the municipality that policies and services, which have a major impact particularly on the lives of women, need to be improved, changed or abandoned.

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