International Protest Happening in Major Cities Demanding Montreal Based Pornhub Be Shut Down for Alleged Child Rape and Trafficking Videos

Published on September 30, 2020

Join activists, allies and survivors joining forces with the #Traffickinghub campaign for an International protest against Pornhub for normalizing violence against women and for hosting and profiting from content of trafficking, rape, child abuse, revenge porn and non-consensual content.

Raise your voice against Pornhub/MindGeek outside their International HQ in Montreal Canada (PH's owner company is MindGeek).

We are calling for accountability for the Pornhub executives, justice for victims and for this website and company to be shut down. We are also raising awareness of the normalized sexual violence on Pornhub and how it is causing harm to real people and our culture at large.

Friday, October 2, is the International Day of Non-Violence.

Together, we are rallying the movement to join in solidarity for an international protest against Pornhub (protests in Los Angeles and London UK are also occurring on this date).

Join protesters in front of the MindGeek HQ from 11am-2pm. (Wearing masks and social distancing is mandatory, as per COVID regulations).


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