Take Action

The Montreal Council of Women works to increase awareness through action and community engagement. Where possible, in collaboration with organizations and individuals, we strengthen our community in support of women in Canada generally, Quebec broadly, and Montreal specifically. We do so by focusing on areas such as Health, Education, Senior, Arts & Culture, the Environment and the Status of Women.

One of the central mandates of Government Affairs and Advocacy is promoting actions that will enhance the Montreal Council's mission. Resolutions and the policy and the actions they drive, are central to what we as women strive to deliver: namely, better lives and opportunities for women and families and society in general. The network of National, Provincial and Municipal councils – such as the MCW continue to fulfill this vital and central mission, first initiated by Lady Isobel Aberdeen in 1893. As a member of MCW you too can follow in her steps taken over 125 years ago. YOU are positioned to advocate for polices, laws, or services that you feel need to be changed or improved. As a member, you are empowered to improve the concerns of women by formulating resolutions, petitions, surveys, or letter writing campaigns in the policy areas of: health, seniors, environment, housing, human rights, child welfare, arts and culture and just about any policy that has an impact on women. Please find a summary of Resolutions the MCW has been involved with.