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As a Federate member of the National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) the Montreal Council is positioned to both put forward resolutions to the NCWC as well as being part of the review process that can lead to resolutions being adopted as POLICY- a process that traditionally only happened at the NCWC’s AGM in June each year.

At the June AGM of the NCWC this year, it was agreed that there be a mid-year process to address emerging and critical issues.

That meeting was held on November 26th and the following most recent "resolutions" are now official POLICY with the Council.

  • Senior Care in Canada
  • Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
  • Implementing Judge Arbour’s Report on Sexual Offences in the Military
  • Environmental Racism
  • Implementing Judge Arbour’s Report on Sexual Offences in the Military
  • Forced Adoption of the Babies of Unwed Mothers in Post War Canada

This process of developing policy that has been scrutinized by members across the country is vital to the NCWC's ability to engage with government with confidence that positions taken are endorsed by the broader membership- thereby effectively carrying the weight of literally tens of thousands of women. The MCW (including our own Federates) is just one Federate of the NCWC. Other local and provincial councils are also key, as are the National organizations such as BPW Canada and the National University Women's Clubs among others.

This network we all belong to is not without power!

Policy may be the backbone of women's councils across Canada and indeed internationally too- however unless we act their potency is lost. The process towards a successful outcome is long and often frustrating- and there are no guarantees...it takes a lot of cage-rattling, letters, petitions, awareness raising and determination. For women in many countries around the world-it also takes courage.

If you as a member wish to pursue a topic of concern that is not already part of the existing “bank” of NCWC POLICIES- please do not hesitate !

To view/research all NCWC policy statements

Penny Rankin
VP Gov Affairs and Resolution Chair

MCW Proposed Resolution 2021

In keeping with the resolution process, the MCW has put forward an Update to the NCWC Policy ((2001:02EM).

*MCW: From the MCW specifically

2020 News

The Montreal Council of Women joined other Federate members of the National Council in submitting resolutions for final review, debate and (having passed a voting procedure)- adoption. All three of the resolutions submitted are now NCWC policy-enabling further advocacy across the country.

  1. Eliminating the Commodification of Women and Girls
  2. Indigenous People and Racism in the Health Care System
  3. Firearms Licences and Mental Illness
  4. Heart Disease and Women
  5. Update: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA Persons
  6. Update: Support for the Family Caregiver
  7. Age Verification and Protecting Children and Minors from Exposure to Pornography Online *MCW
  8. Senior/Elders Bill of Rights *MCW
  9. Long Term Care: Protecting Seniors/Elders and People with Disabilities *MCW

1967-2020 NCWC Policies

All national policies can be viewed by going to the NCWC website directly.