Published on September 03, 2020

Starting Thursday, September 3rd, the MCW will be rebranding!

In the summer of 2019, at the MCW's Strategic Planning Workshop, the need to update our brand was identified. Deeply committed to improving its visibility and recognition in the community, soon after, in the Fall of 2019, led by Maya Volpato, VP Public Relations, the Board launched an intentional effort to update the MCW’s visual brand.

In a world where virtual connection has never been so critical (and challenging!), we are proud to be launching a website platform that will support our members' and organization's critical need to virtually connect.

What does rebranding mean?

Rebranding is the process of giving an organization a facelift, an up to date image, in order to make it more attractive and successful.

How was this decision made?

In keeping with the input received at the MCW’s Strategic Planning Event held in August 2019, the VP Public Relations along with the board of Directors agreed to rebrand the MCW in order to improve member loyalty, attract new members, and reenergize the organization.

What are the goals of the MCW’s rebranding strategy?

  1. Retain our members by staying current
    Rebranding with an up to date logo and website keeps our organization's image current. Design plays a major role in how members perceive our organization and all it has to offer. It is also important that our website have multiple browser functionality (smartphone, tablet, etc.), and be dynamic and engaging.
  2. Attract new members by reaching a new audience
    Rebranding offer an up to date and engaging platform that organizations require to generate interest from new members, professionals and organizations alike. This will also allow us to promote MCW initiatives and activities an attractive offering on professional platforms such as LinkedIn.
  3. Reflect our current vision and new offerings
    It’s hard to showcase how our organization is evolving if our brand doesn’t reflect it. Our new website: showcases our vision, centralizes our communications, simplifies event registration, hosts a member-only portal for easy access to the member directory as well as past event recordings. The site also simplifies and accelerates payment through a secure PayPal functionality available for paying membership dues, events and even donations!

What is the new website address?

Why are we moving away from using .org?

While “.org” domains have traditionally been used by non-profits and non commercial organizations, The Internet Society has announced the sale of the entity that controls the “.org” domain to a private equity firm. Opponents worry that the move will inevitably lead to higher prices for “.org” domains. Amidst these concerns, there is a symbolic dissonance of having a private company run a system designed to help non-profits and therefore the MCW's Board of Directors have opted to move towards “.ca”, the official Canadian domain name registry.

How will this be done?

As of September 3rd, we will no longer be updating our former website For the following year, anyone attempting to enter our former website, will automatically be redirected to the new website.

The MCW would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our allies who donated their time and talent in order to support us in this endeavour. A huge thank you to Norman Lachance at Texpertek Inc., and graphic designer Mike De Leon who have gone above and beyond their duty.


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