Petition on home care for seniors

Published on October 29, 2020

Following our work with the Provincial Council of Women and the Provincial University Women's Clubs, please consider signing this petition on the need for Home Care. In a virtual meeting with the Quebec Ombudswoman, Me Marie Rinfret, she revealed that since the Quebec Home Care Act was passed some ten years ago, little is being done to offer home care to those who require it. Seniors need home care the most. Many seniors do not wish to be in a nursing home or residence. They are able with home care to remain in their own environment. Delays in obtaining home care are long, take years in fact, and worse, hours allotted for home care have been severely reduced. Moreover, it is not how citizens in our Covid-19 pandemic deserve to be treated.

The trajectory of the petition is an interesting one. Here is the background on the petition: It was started with Prof. Jacques Malouin, from the Université de Sherbrooke, who took it to Christine Labrie, MNA, for Sherbrooke, who in turn, took it to the Assemblée nationale. It is supported by members of the Association of Retired Professors of the Université de Sherbrooke, who are widely circulating the petition.

It is in the French language but filling in the boxes with your name, email address, and postal code is simple.

Please consider circulating the petition among your own networks.


The MCW and the Provincial Council of Women are thankful to the Provincial University Women's Clubs for sharing this initiative with us.

Maria Peluso, VP Government Affairs

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