Gun Control and Bill C-21

Published on April 06, 2021

Since the mid-1990's the National Council of Women has advocated for an end to gun violence in Canada. Much has been done in the past two decades, however gun violence remains a serious concern to the victims of violence. We now have another opportunity with Bill C-21 to address gun control in Canada. The recent government Bill C-21 bans military assault weapons and provides municipalities with the right to control hand-guns. Bill C-21 is not perfect, and challenges remain. Much more needs to be done.

For more information on NCWC policy please visit their website and/or review the following links:

If you are concerned about the shortcomings of C-21 please consider supporting the work of PolySeSouvient by sending our Prime Minister or your MP a letter. You can consult their online letter-writing campaign here.

Maria Peluso - VP Government Affairs

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