Online Age Verification: Social and Technological Aspects

Published on November 23, 2022

Members are well aware of our commitment to tackling issues that relate to protecting children from online harms, and for the necessity having developed policy to also implement action! MCW member Penny Rankin (and Convenor responsible for Children and Youth with the NCWC), was honoured to be invited to participate as a panellist of Senator Julie Miville-Dechene, MP Arnold Viersen, Dr. Nima Karimian an expert in biometrics security and applied machine learning in cybersecurity from West Virginia University.

Hosted at Concordia's innovative research facility 4th Space, where “the university community and the public can engage with new and challenging ideas, and learn to understand research”, the program was moderated by doctoral candidate Azfar Adib, focused on the need for mandatory age verification, particularly to safeguard children from online harm, along with its technological feasibility.

To view the program on YouTube, click Online Age Verification: Social and Technological Aspects.


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