Iran Update: U.N. Member States Vote Yes and Make History

Published on December 15, 2022

Standing in solidarity with the women of Iran, the National Council of Women (NCWC) sent a letter supporting the call for Iran's withdrawal from the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

For more information on the global response to the human rights abuses being heaped on Iranian women and girls and their supporters please read the following statement:


Today we have made history. The United Nations and its Member States heeded the call of Iranian women to remove the Islamic Republic of Iran from the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, setting a new precedent in favor of women and girls, not just in Iran, but everywhere.

Today’s vote marks a pivotal step forward with the U.N. Member States removing a country from the Commission with an appalling record on women’s rights from its membership.

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We commend the Member States for publicly upholding their duty to mandate and defend values that support gender equality and for standing on the right side of history. We thank you for signing our petition and amplifying the voices of Iranians who are demanding their freedom.

This is a critical moment for leaders in the international community to continue to vocally and unequivocally demonstrate their support for women’s rights by standing in solidarity with Iranian women and girls.

Shirin Neshat’s Offered Eyes

Shirin Neshat’s “Offered Eyes” at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island, NY.

To the Iranian women and their allies on the ground continuing to fight tirelessly, we will continue to listen to you, support you, and boldly move in ways that provoke justice, fairness and equality for you and all women, all life and all freedom.

In solidarity, Coalition of Iranian Women, Vital Voices Global Partnerships & For Freedoms

UN Statement
UN Statement

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