Woman Of The Year

Each year, the Montreal Council of Women is proud to honour a woman who has made a significant contribution to society through her actions, her strength of character and/or her professional path. Each and indeed every woman who we have celebrated in the 35 years since honouring our first Woman of the Year (WOTY) are exceptional women who inspire and encourage others to excel and who have enriched the community by contributing to the advancement and betterment of all.

Initiated in 1986 by the late Sophie Economides and the late Kay Aksich, to date 40 women have been honoured by the MCW for their service and contributions to others.

The Council today invites our members to nominate a candidate for 2022 who has:

  • contributed substantially to society - as a volunteer, professionally or both
  • through her actions, education, awareness-raising and/or advocacy directed to helping and supporting girls, women, families, and the community at large
  • is a source of both inspiration and motivation for the community

Please submit your candidate using our Nomination Form or email the Committee at mcwinformation@gmail.com

Doreen Chartier, Committee Chair on behalf of the 2022 WOTY Committee.

Looking Back: WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2016-2021

Miranda Potts

2021 - Miranda Potts
An unsung heroine and tireless advocate for seniors during the pandemic.

Sheila Goldbloom

2020 - Sheila Goldbloom
For exceptional service to the community.

Chantal Hébert

2019 - Chantal Hébert
For her incisive political analysis and commentary.

Margaret Trudeau

2018 - Margaret Trudeau
For her efforts in mental health-issues education.

Dr. Monique Séguin

2016 - Dr. Monique Séguin
For outstanding work in suicide prevention.